I’m Maya Bloem, a game writer and narrative designer based in the Netherlands. I have over 4 years of game industry experience and over 3 shipped titles under my belt on PC, mobile and consoles. I specialize in comedic writing and cozy narratives.

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Release: upcoming, Q2 2024 on Steam

In Tracks of Thought, you explore a mysterious train plagued with amnesia through the eyes of a conflict-avoidant ladybug. Use card battles to work through your troubles with other passengers, who all seem to have forgotten something they’re worried about.


  • Narrative Designer
  • Lead writer
  • Additional game design


Release: 27 April 2023 on Steam, Nintendo Switch and PS4/5

Mail Time is a relaxing cottagecore adventure game set in the forest of Grumblewood grove. You’re a Mail Scout trying to successfully complete their first day on the job and get your first official Mail Scout patch. You’ve got one job: deliver a letter to Greg. However, Greg is nowhere to be found.


  • Narrative designer
  • Game writer


Release: 9th October, 2020 on Google Play Store and App Store

Reach is a point-and-click puzzle adventure game where you play an isolated outpost worker that starts receiving cryptic messages.
With classic point-and-click mechanics and the use of tilting your device, the game takes you on a beautifully hand-drawn adventure of finding the Other.


  • Narrative designer
  • Art Co-Director
  • Game writer

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